What If?

What if you woke up today, having only the things that you thanked God for yesterday? Would you be ok? Would you have regrets?

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Missing U – Robyn

Baby, it’s so weird to me now that it’s over The space where you used to be Your head on my shoulder All of the plans we made that never happened Now your scent on my pillow’s faded At least you left me with somethingThere’s this empty space you left behind Now you’re not here […]

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Flashing Lights – Kanye West

Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights [Kanye West] She don’t believe in shootin’ stars, but she believe in shoes & cars Wood floors in the new apartment, couture from the store’s department You more like L’eau de Stardee shit, I’m more of the, trips to Florida Order the h’orderves, […]

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Rise Up – Andra Day

You’re broken down and tired Of living life on a merry-go-round And you can’t find the fighter But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out Move mountains We gonna walk it out And move mountains And I’ll rise up I’ll rise like the day I’ll rise up I’ll rise unafraid I’ll […]

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