To walk a mile in a monster’s shoes…

Once upon a time……..

Little J once was a good boy; good at heart, true to his word and would do anything for those that were close to him. His heart was wide and deep and always forgiving. Then along came the darkness, seeping in slowly at first, unknowingly winding its way up Little J’s legs, through his arms,  until it’s roots had begun digging deep into his heart. Its smothering blackness consuming the boy within and trying with all its might to consume the goodness that defined the boy everyone loved to be around.

The darkness followed Little J for quite some time, eventually transforming him into a shadow of his once former self. Little J despised the person he became and desperately reached out for help where none could be found. All alone on a lonely day, grey skies as far as the eye could see brought with them an eery breeze that shivered your spine. This place looks and feels like the void I feel inside me, though Little J. He contemplated how he ever managed to allow the darkness in and why he didn’t fight it. Hopeless, thought Little J….simply hopeless. Then off in the distance a beautiful sound slowly and quietly eased forth on the cusp of a wind gust. More and more the sound became stronger and meaningful to Little J. Immediately a light inside the void of his heart sparked and generated an explosion of therapy to the young man. He thought, “yes, I will work out the darkness by finding meaning in sound, music, lyrics and I may be able to cope and full through this”. So set forth Little J on a journey to find the songs that spoke of his feelings and circumstances and with time he may be able to shake out the darkness that has rooted itself in his heart like well guarded citadel.

To be continued…

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