Babe – Emeli Sande

I was lost In the dead of night But then came angels I could not fight no All of a sudden, I’m fading I was blinded, by the light Til you said Babe It’s okay, it’s okay now Let it out, let it love, let it rain down Hold me now, hold me down, hold […]

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Kids – Wynter Gordon

I don’t know, who you are, Anymore, you’re a mystery now. An unfamiliar face. You gave up, on us all, You lost hope, you’re just taking up space, You and your friends have turned to leeches, Begging for money and giving sad speeches, You used to be my hero. When we were just kids, you […]

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Tove Lo – Scream My Name

Fist fights, long nights, come home late Can’t sleep, I keep me awake Flip through the lives on TV I’ll say, for now, I’m happy Love it when I’m play-pretending When I can take bullets to the heart Fuckin’ up my happy ending But I can take bullets to the heart Breathing balance and love, […]

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