Hurts – Emeli Sande

Baby I’m not made of stone It hurts Loving you the way I do It hurts Hold tight it’s a sing-a-long I’m alright, I’m alright, but I could be wrong, baby I know you remember me 5’3 in the back of the lavory, come on You could at least try and look at me Oh […]

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Dirty Work – Hero

Nothing good happens after midnight I guess that’s why you’re lying in my bed We do bad things ’cause it feels right I don’t know why you’re trying to pretend I know you told yourself that I’m the bad guy I know you told yourself that is the last time What are we doing here […]

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Kids – Wynter Gordon

I don’t know, who you are, Anymore, you’re a mystery now. An unfamiliar face. You gave up, on us all, You lost hope, you’re just taking up space, You and your friends have turned to leeches, Begging for money and giving sad speeches, You used to be my hero. When we were just kids, you […]

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Just Hold On – Steve Aoki

Wish that you could build a time machine So you could see The things no one can see Feels like you’re standing on the edge Looking at the stars And wishing you were them ‪What do you do when a chapter ends?‬ ‪Do you close the book and never read it again?‬ ‪Where do you […]

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You Are Mine – JbDubz

Mine mine mine mine You are mine I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt It’s you I cannot live without my love I was broken on the day you came around Emotions I had lost were found my love Love me, hate me, never break me If you leave I’ll stop breathing Kiss […]

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Love Me Now – John Legend

Pulling me further Further than I’ve been before Making me stronger Shaking me right to the core, oh I don’t know what’s in the stars Never heard it from above, the world isn’t ours But I know what’s in my heart If you ain’t mine I’ll be torn apart I don’t know who’s gonna kiss […]

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